Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local rappers READ THIS SHIT..

Ok, ok.  I gotta do this.  I hear a LOT of local rap.  A LOT.  And I love you kids for trying!  I do!  But seriously, some of y'all need HELP.  Others, just put the goddamn mic down because spittin' is NOT a good look for you.  I'm not gonna point fingers, name names.. that's a dick move.  Just sayin'.. after you read this post and listen to the link I just provided you, be objective.  I'll see you in a few minutes.

Smart rhymes.. analyze it.

Ok, you back with me?  Good.  I'm not sayin' your style sucks if you're not a chopper.  I'm sayin' all these cats, especially Kali and Godemis in this example, spit some of the smartest rhymes I've ever heard.  Yeah, Kali chops HARD.  But if you listen to the words, the meanings, the way they connect.. the multis, the metaphors.  Just technically sound rhymes!  If your style isn't TECHNICALLY SOUND, get back in the lab and fix it!  And please, for the love of the Gods, pass this on.  The 503 deserves to sound NICE, not retarded. 

For the record, it's been a decade and change since I wrote anything seriously.

For the record, I could pull out a head sheet from the 90's or mid2000's and fuckin murk with it. 

No, I won't battle you.  Keep your ego, and embrace some self preservation.  Who wants to get bodied by an old ass man in front of their friends?!

That said, I'm sure you want me to prove it.  Gimme a beat and I'ma leave it in ashes.  Get at me.. True speaks, I'm doin' this because I love the 503, I got respect for those who actually PURSUE these pipe dreams.  I'm not just being a judgmental asshole.  I'm trying to HELP YOU! 

I'ma leave you with something to vibe to though, just as a present.  You thought I was just gonna pull your cards and not do something nice for ya?  Come on.. LOL!

It's All that I Know