Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grown Folks Game

So I was sitting at my desk, listening to some La Coka Nostra and talking to the ex wifey, Ms. Awesome herself.. and some thoughts jumped at me.  Specifically the subject of dating.

Follow me on a little journey on the history of this word, and the ensuing thoughts.

Back in the day, and I'm sure the older folks reading this will just smile and nod, dating was just that.  Dating.  Testing the waters, seeing who you got along well with as opposed to who you got along great with.  Or in some cases, not at all.  It was an educational process of trying to see who out there was worth taking another step forward.

A lot of people got the shit twisted!  I've even been guilty of it myself.  Dating doesn't mean if the girl you're dating decides to give someone else a hug or something that you have the right to whoop this kid for touching your girl.  Why?  She's not yours.  You're dating.  And until the subject of exclusivity is even approached in a positive manner, you don't have shit to say.  If she blows you off, and ends up in the same place with another dude.. you can't even get pissed.  It's not your night.  C'mon son.  Get your head right.  If she says you're just dating and you get all possessive, it's on YOU.  It's not her fault you don't know what she just said.  And that'll probably be the last date unless she's attracted to the special ed type of cat that doesn't know what the hell dating is, or barbarians that get overly possessive.

Now, the second she says "I'm yours", "Yes", or "I do!" that changes things immensely.  Now you have some sort of right to be a little protective.  But until then, calm down!

All the time, I see people posting shit about "I don't wanna be an option.  I wanna be a priority."  We all do! Even my cold-hearted, grouchy ass wants to be some lucky lady's number one soldier!  I'm actually a pretty tender type guy if you give enough of a fuck to peel back the layers and fight through the tears. Lol!  Well, if you want it, EARN IT.  Don't expect a (wo)man to just hand over their heart and their house keys, half the bed, and half their bathroom counter.  Unless of course, you're attracted to the special ed type.

So the next time you see shorty you took out the other night slurpin' spaghetti with another guy on some Lady and the Tramp shit (I dare you to lie and say the spaghetti scene wasn't romantic as hell!) don't get mad.  Smile for her, and move on with your night. Don't wave, don't get mad and start shit.. Just go about your business.  Text her later, and not even with an accusation!  Life's too short to get pissed that you got benched for a play or two.

So for now.. I leave you with some sick ass JMT. :D

"Nosebleed" - Vinnie Paz Ft/RA The Rugged Man