Monday, April 4, 2011

The difference between belief and knowledge.

A belief is trusting that an outside source or entity exists or will make something happen.  That things will go a certain direction.  Belief can be a powerful tool.

Knowing is totally different.  Knowing is viewing a fact as indisputable truth.

I bring this up because a Tribe mate recently posted that she "believes she will see her friends again" that have left the physical plane and entered the spiritual plane.  I responded that "There is no need to believe.  Simply.. to know."  Because she will see her friends again.  Just like I'll be reunited with my parents.  Just like you'll be reunited with friends and loved ones who have passed away.  The only question is for how long.  As the wheel of the year turns and new life is granted, eventually our friends and family will be born again.  Possibly, you'll even bump into them again on Earth.  I believe that the fondness of a person from previous lives will carry over and create a sort of magnetism to these people.  Do I know this to be true?  Simply put, no I do not.  While I have experienced it, I haven't had this experience in a large enough quantity to know for certain. In parting, I offer my own BELIEF.  We will see each other again.. and again.. and again!  SO MOTE IT BE!

With love and harmony..
The Juggernaut.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I KNOW you speak the truth, brother:) Much love to you.

  2. I do not claim to know, but I like to believe that even if our loved ones are out experiencing the physical plane while we're in between it is only a fraction of them that incarnated. I like to believe that even right now, a bigger part of who I AM is with the entities I love or am connected to. Even those who are not currently sharing this moment in time and space with me are continue to be connected to me. =)
    We are all connected.
    Time is an illusion.
    There is no spoon.