Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is a real life Idiocracy not only feasible, but imminent?

Before I even get started, if you haven't seen the movie Idiocracy go now.  Do it.  This will still be here when the movie's over. 

Back from Netflix?  Fantastic!  Let's get to it. 

On a daily basis, through various mediums I'm exposed daily to just how badly our society (as a general blanket statement) has regressed.  We've gone from grunting cave dwellers that paint on our walls with blood and flowers to the architects of legendary monolithic skyscrapers on a regular basis.  We've gone from the abacus to building computers that are actually smarter than we are (Watson.  Google it.). And yet every day, there's some blast of utter stupidity.  Are we truly the last generation of people capable of using their brains?!  In my current employment, I deal with many 20-something individuals.  On a one to one basis, they're pretty solid.  They're still kids comparatively, and party as hard as they work.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  But once in a while, there's something that gnaws at me like a thorn in this old bear's paw. 

Ok, maybe my title was a little extreme.  But I do feel that people have forgotten the meaning of discretion.  The fact that despite the social networking sites, there's some things people just try to keep private.  Discretion is a lost art to most.  Just yesterday on a friend's status post about going to a bar in Keizer, Oregon for quarter beers, one of their friends was like "THOTT U WER PREGGO?!" Obviously, if she went for quarter beers, she's not knocked up.  She's not that stupid.  I'm also fairly sure she thanks you for having so much faith in her intelligence. 

Seriously, if as a species we're losing such crucial parts of human interaction as respect and discretion, I'm truly frightened what's next.  I'm also terribly scared of the days when we're revered as geniuses in history books nobody will know how to read while people water their crops with energy drinks, staring at someone like they're high when they suggest using water.  "But it has electrolytes." 

Maybe the title wasn't so extreme after all..

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