Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh the joys of new directions - Trailblazer Possibilities

After going over the roster, I've come to one VERY solid conclusion: The Blazers have literally no trade stock they can afford to move. Especially without the ridiculously vicious Kevin Pritchard as GM. I know very little about Chad Buchanan, but KP was a beast in the war room and had pretty damn good results. However, with the retirement of Brandon Roy, it frees up some money to make a big splash. A much needed big splash.

The Blazers are typically shallow at point guard and center. This year is no exception.

With so many big names on the market, it's going to be a very trying year if they make no moves, especially on the heels of Brandon Roy's possibly premature retirement. Also, MOST of Portland's players are (or were very recently) free agents. Not a good sign.

Names that stand out as a good option for Portland (And prices to get them):
PG - Goran Dragic - Houston - $2.1m - Unrestricted
SG - Eric Gordon - LAC - $5.1m Qualifying offer (IMO go big and GET THIS KID)
SF - Nobody on the list worth looking at, other than our own Gerald Wallace and Nic Batum. Gerald could make a nice sign-and-trade, but either way, he NEEDS to be resigned NOW.
PF - While I'd love seeing KG in a Blazers uniform outside of NBA live, one name stands alone: KEVIN LOVE. With a $6.1 Million qualifying offer, The Blazers NEED this Lake Oswego native which would negate the need for a true center with him and LA starting.
C - With Camby and Earl Barron both on the list, Camby costing about $12m a season, I think qualifying offers should be made to at least ONE of the Lopez brothers. Both Brooks and Robin are about $4m a piece, and easily worth the price. Also on the list is Jermaine O'Neal, who Portland drafted, let age on the pines, then sent to Indy where he became an instant all-star, with a $6.2m salary and no restrictions.

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